Emmerre is producing and distributing mechanical spare parts for more than 30 years.

Its production is dedicated to commercial, industrial vehicles and trailers adaptable to the most important European vehicles such as: Daf, Iveco, Man, Mercedes, Nissan, Renault, Scania, Volvo, Bpw, Ror, Saf, etc……

Our company is operating in both national and international markets and has increased its specialization in spare parts for specific product lines: brake system, steering and suspension system, cooling system and tipping over cabin system.

Concerning the brake system, we are the distributors of the well-known brand “TECHNOBRAKE” (our share production)with a wide range (more than  250 models) of brake discs, brake pads, wear indicators, brake calipers, wheel hubs, wheel brakes, brake linings and repairing  kits.

Emmerre, thanks to years of development and investments, obtained in 2009 the European Approval on the brake pads ECE R90 E3 (about 80 models of brake pads) and in 2012 the Approval ECE R90 E1 on the most popular modes of brake pads, synonymous of quality, reliability and security.

Emmerre has got a wide range of products in steering cabin and cooling systens too

In 2009 Emmerre mored to  new premises consisting in 3 new, efficient and automated warehouses, that allow optimal logistic solutions, to offer the best service to its customers.

In 2012 Emmerre further increased its warehouses, creating an area of approx. 4.000 square meters assigned to the logistic of brake system. In particular brake discs, brake drums and wheel hubs. In this area EMMERRE has included an automated warehouse dedicated to the a.m. parts and has foreseen a specific and proper packaging.

EMMERRE obtained from TUV the update of the Company Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the Quality system as well as various certificates of export qualification.

Moreover, our products related to brake and steering systems (safety products) are guaranteed from a Civil Responsibility Insurance Policy with maximum of € 5.000.000,00 for accident.

We invite you to browse our web site in order to have further information on our Company, our products range and our quality.

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